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Kinoprogramm. In deinem Kino CineStar Berlin - CUBIX am Alexanderplatz. Woche. Heute. Vorverkauf. TOP Events. Vorschau. Datum. ganze Woche. Hier finden Sie die Details über das Kino CineStar - CUBIX am Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Eine aktuelle Programmübersicht, Öffnungszeiten, Telefonnummer und. Kinoprogramm CineStar - CUBIX am Alexanderplatz Berlin. Alle aktuellen Spielzeiten und Infos zum Kino. Kino - CineStar Cubix am Alexanderplatz - in Berlin. Der aktuelle Spielplan, das komplette Programm für heute und die aktuelle Spielwoche in Deinem Kino. Kino: CineStar Cubix am Alexanderplatz, Rathausstr., Berlin–Mitte – Information zu Kontakt, Öffnungszeiten, Anfahrt und mehr.

Cubix Am Alex

CinesStar-CUBIX am Alexanderplatz. 15 Bewertungen. Nr. von Spaß & Spiele in Berlin · Kinos. Leider sind an den von Ihnen gewählten Daten keine. Kino - CineStar Cubix am Alexanderplatz - in Berlin. Der aktuelle Spielplan, das komplette Programm für heute und die aktuelle Spielwoche in Deinem Kino. CineStar Cubix am Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Mitte, Kinoprogramm, Filmtheater, Lichtspielhaus, Cinema, Cineplex, Filmtheater, Filmfestspiele.

He can transform into a variety of different types of vehicles, including a hover bike, an airplane, and a helicopter.

He can even fly without the need to transform into a vehicle. His body is composed of a number of modular cubes and constructed out of a highly resistant metal that is capable of withstanding devastating amounts of damage.

Each cube contains a different gadget with a solution to almost every dire situation. When it comes to fighting, Cubix is exceptionally strong.

He is powered by a Solex generator which is rumored to be the ultimate power source, but nobody knows exactly how it works. Cubix has an orange symbol on the back of his head, which is later revealed to be the mark of Professor Nemo, who put the mark on all of his robots.

At the start of the series, he is broken and no one can figure out how to make him work, giving him the nickname "The Unfixable Robot".

However, the idea of friendship seems to be a key concept in order to activate him; when Connor says the word "friend" while saying goodbye after unsuccessfully trying to fix him, Cubix starts to repeat this word inside his head, clearly generating some kind of response to it.

Connor then brings Cubix back to life by trying to save him from a collapsing building. Successfully repairing Cubix also gains Connor access into the 'Botties' group.

At the end of the first season, Cubix sacrifices himself during the battle against Kulminator , flying directly into its EPU.

The ensuing destruction causes Cubix's own Solex reserve to be depleted, exploding along with Kulminator's Solex energy.

Due to having no Solex remaining, Cubix shuts down and is unable to be repaired by Connor, Hela, or even Professor Nemo. However, he is later rebooted after the remains of the crystallized Solex coalesce and fly directly towards him.

Cubix claims it was Connor's determination and continued belief in him that caused the Solex to revive him. Mong converted him into a motor bike.

He is best friends with Chip. Voiced by Jimmy Zoppi. Hela knows almost everything about robot repair. She is pretty even keeled, and is usually a source of advice and comfort to her young apprentices.

Her robot team includes Diagnostix, Mr. Fixit, Ixpressive, and Attractix named Kan-It. She also acts as a motherly figure to Connor and despite the arguments she has with his stubborn father it is joked about in the series that she likes him.

Voiced by Rachael Lillis. K: The main antagonist of the series, Dr. K used to work for RobixCorp, but lost his arm in a lab explosion and now as a rogue robot inventor who uses his smarts for evil.

In Season 1 he is after a substance called Solex to build the ultimate robot and destroy Bubble Town. His main robot is Kolossal, but he has his own line of evil robots such as Katastrophe, Kannon, Krab, Klawber, the Kulminator and Kilobot.

It is unclear what happened to Dr. K at the end of the series finale, though it is possible that he gave up his evil ways.

Voiced by Maddie Blaustein. Raska does not have any robots of her own besides the Cinematixes that film her. Near the end of Season 1 it is revealed that Raska is the alien from the spaceship that crashed outside RobixCorp, and using her human disguise became a member of Prof.

Nemo's team most likely in order to retrieve the Solex. Raska and Dr. K are shown to be in some sort of alliance in order to acquire Solex for their own goals.

For most of the season, Raska's true alien form is only seen on Dr. K's screen when communicating with him and is kept in complete silhouette.

Her true from is fully shown in the final two episodes of the first season. She is killed when Dr. K's giant robot is destroyed by Cubix.

Graham: Connor's dad, who owns and runs Bubble Town's most popular doughnut shop. He dislikes robots, especially the dysfunctional Waitrixes that work at his shop causing him continuous aggravation, yet he developed an exception for Cubix.

He believes in good old manual labor and resents how robots have made people lazier over the years.

He is a loving father, but has a hard time showing it. Sometimes he cannot quite express how he feels, particularly about his wife's death.

This causes a bit of strain on his relationship with Connor. It is also hinted he has a crush on Hela. Voiced by Dan Green.

Taryn: Connor's late mother, who supposedly died when he was younger. Connor keeps a picture of her in his room as a memory.

He disappeared in the aforementioned lab explosion caused by Solex, but was later found kidnapped by Dr. A giant sculpture of the Prof.

He designed all of his robots with a yellow spiral. Also voiced by Dan Green. Charles: A spoiled brat and the richest kid in town.

Charles is the son of the Mayor and his family has important connections, so he gets all the latest models from RobixCorp.

His favorite robot, Quixtreme , is a rare pre-release model given to him as a special birthday gift, that will not be on the market for 10 years!

Called Cheetah for short, he can transform into a cherry red Rolls Royce hover car, a cheetah, and an armored battling robot.

This makes Charles think he can gain entry into the Botties. It is implied that he has a bit of a crush on Abby and is jealous of Connor.

He often follows them around, showing off. Voiced by Ed Paul. Maximix: Maximix is Mong's robot. Maximix has a unicycle propulsion instead of legs and is also capable of transforming into a Go-kart like vehicle to provide Mong with transportation.

Although not as strong as Cubix or Kolossal, Maximix has proven himself to be a formidable opponent on several occasions.

He can hold his own against Kolossal or any of Dr. K's robots. Thanks to his unicycle propulsion he can reach high speeds and is quite agile.

His personality is similar to his master: hot headed, competitive and a little conceited, but always reliable. Maximix's voice is similar to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Voiced by Frank Frankson. Dondon: Dondon is Abby's pet robot has been her best friend since she was 6 years old. So, although he has wings they are more decorative.

Being small and defenseless, Dondon is not a fighter, although there are times when he has shown great courage in order to protect his friends.

His features include a video phone inside his chest cavity, secret recording devices, a camera, and a storage pouch.

His yellow face also glows in the dark. His personality is very playful and imaginative- he sometimes pretends to be a secret agent for Abby, disguising himself with her jewelry and hair accessories.

Though creative, Dondon is needy of Abby and can be quite bashful with strangers. Voiced by Eric Stuart. Cerebrix: Cerebrix is Chip's robot.

Like his master, Cerebrix is more of a thought focused character rather than feeling. Bipedal, with no arms, he is equipped with advanced memory, sensory, computing and processing systems stored in his "large head".

He can also fly by means of a retractable propeller stored in an upper compartment of his head.

His main functions include a huge sensory array and he is also equipped with two antennae through which he can tap into almost any communication wavelength and cause disturbances, creating confusion in his foes.

Also his advanced probability computing system is capable of determining the outcomes of events before they occur.

His personality and speech are much more machine-like but what he has to say is usually very important. Kan-it: Kan-It is an Attractix model, and the only bot not to be own by a Bottie.

Kan-It has a passion for singing, and as such was nicknamed Kan-It because Dr. K, his original master, did not like it. Kan-It speaks in a stereotypical British accent, saying cockney phrases like "Governor" and "Blimey".

Kan-It currently resides at the Botties Pit. Kilobot: First appearing in the second season, Kilobot is a vampiric robot that is far smarter than any of his cohorts.

K describes him as his finest creation, developed to absorb data from other robots. Kilobot's name comes from the fact that he has the potential to copy the powers of up to other robots.

As such, his power is potentially unlimited. Kilobot originally appeared in a bat-like form, but later upgraded to a bulkier body designed after Cubix's cubes.

Kilobot is Cubix's new arch-enemy. In the series finale, he took control of Dr. K's robots and planned an ultimate takeover.

However, he was permanently deactivated by his own Zombot. Klank: Klank was one of Dr. K's first robots from when he was a child.

Klank originally had no EPU, so when the botties found Klank in a disposal room at RobixCorp, they install one to help him adjust to the modern world.

Klank's new emotions drive him to seek out Dr. K at an old abandoned house. Unlike Dr. K's other robots, Klank only appears in one episode.

Kolossal: A Frankenstein's monster -esque robot, Kolossal is the brute of Dr. K's forces. Not too intelligent and continuously relies on his master for orders but almost equal to Cubix in fighting ability, Kolossal serves as Cubix's nemesis in the early part of the show.

Kolossal's equipped with various weapons but most importantly a detachable floating platform on his left shoulder where Dr. Kolossal is big and strong, although bulky he is capable of limited flight and agile high jumps, his left hand is a sort of claw that can be launched to grab things from afar.

Most of the time he uses only brute force to win. Without his master's continuous coordination however he can only complete basic tasks.

Krab: Squat and crustacean-like, Krab has powerful claws and shoulders that contain a variety of weapons. Katastrophe: A robot capable of splitting into two halves.

Katastrophe's top half can fly, while the bottom rolls around on a wheel. Kulminator: Dr. K's second most powerful robot behind Kilobot.

It was once Dr. K's HQ as a giant advertisement tower in an abandoned area of Bubble Town. After Dr. K had gathered enough Solex, he used it to create a humongous EPU which transformed his HQ into a giant four-legged robot.

K piloted it on a course for Bubble Town with intentions to destroy it. The Botties piloting Krab, Katastrophe, Klawber, and Kannon attempted to stop it, but it was too big.

The Alien then used the Kulminator's ultimate weapon, the Solex Blaster, to destroy Cubix, but he absorbed the energy and then fired a Solex blast of his own, knocking out the Kulminator's shields.

K wanted to retreat, but the Alien was determined to continue, firing the Solex Blaster at everything while Dr.

K abandoned ship. Kontraption: Dr. K's largest automaton, Kontraption serves as his blimp headquarters after his original base is destroyed.

However, Kontraption can also turn into a large robot with great destructive capability. Zombots: Dr. K's army of duplicating machines.

When defeated, their parts can regenerate into new Zombots. In addition, they can evolve into larger, stronger versions of themselves, and transform other robots into Zombots with their attacks.

The 3DO Company produced three video games based on the series. Cubix The title card for Cubix. March 4, Archived from the original PDF on June 14, Retrieved July 29, July 17, Retrieved August 22, Archived from the original on December 15, Retrieved September 14, PR Newswire.

August 29, Archived from the original on November 2, Retrieved June 8, — via Yahoo. Archived from the original on December 1, December 16, Retrieved September 16, The title card for Cubix.

Adventure Action Comic science fiction. Cinepix Daewon Media 4Kids Entertainment. Saban Brands formerly Allspark current North America.

In order to join the club, he has to fix a robot in 24 hours. He chooses Cubix, the 'Unfixable Robot. K shows up to steal it.

Luckily, Cubix awakens just in time to save Connor and together, they fight Kolossal and Dr.

K to save the Solex infected bot. Connor now has a robot of his own, Cubix. Unfortunately, his dad Graham does not feel the same way about Connor's new friend, and kicks Cubix out of the house.

Charles, the mayor's son, also has a new robot- Quixtreme , and while they're playing cat and mouse at the Botties Pit a Lectrix shows up not feeling well.

Hela volunteers to talk to Graham, which only makes things worse - while the Lectrix's Solex goes unstable at the charging station.

K shows up with Kolossal and the battle for Solex ensues. When the power keeps cutting out in Bubble Town, Abby decides to take matters into her own hands and catch the culprit.

The rest of the Botties join her mission and soon they are led into Bubble Town's sewer system, where Sewwix is the offender.

Soon enough Dr. K and Kolossal show up and manage to break a gas main - sending the Botties on a race to save Sewwix, get Solex, and save Bubble Town from exploding.

Raska, the beloved spokesperson for Robix Corp is in Bubble Town shooting a commercial for the new Delishix. The Botties sneak onto the set, but not very stealthily - they get caught.

Raska thinks that Connor would be the perfect star for the commercial and his house the perfect set.

Unfortunately, Delishix is not the perfect robot and it goes berserk, so the Botties chase the Solex infected robot, but so does Dr. K , leading to a fight to the finish.

Robots are disappearing in Bubble Town, but the Botties are on the case.

Einen Vorhang hätte diesem Saal besonders gut gestanden und man ihn hier noch stärker als in den anderen Sälen. Es gibt wahrlich nicht viele solcher Kinos. Ausgewählte Filter. Das hat doch mit der Stadt überhaupt nichts zu tun, es ist ein Unternehmen was einfach nich aufhört Mieten zu nehmen die jenseits von gut und böse sind. Schlesischer Bahnhof die Umgestaltung des Foyers im Jahrwurde das im Raum freistehende runde Kassenhäuschen abgerissen please click for source nur noch das unterhalb der Treppe belassen. Bus- und Bahnverbindung Von Nach. Cubix Am Alex

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Don't breathe YouTuber premiere im Cubix am Alex Berlin Graham, being not so fond of a robot spying on him, attempts to capture Dondon. Cubix is a friendly and helpful robot originally created Professor Nemo and later owned Connor. Hidden click at this page each cube there is a different gadget with a solution to almost every serious situation. Raska does not more info any robots of her own besides the Cinematixes that film. K runs off with a stolen read article, leaving the Botties' Pit on the verge of collapse. But things go awry when Kilobot shows up and absorbs Maximix, Dondon, even Endurix and faces off with Cubix. The story suggests that it has a psychic nature as it reacts to sentient thoughts and emotions, even those of robot's EPUs. CineStar Cubix am Alexanderplatz. In dem würfelförmigen Bau mit seinen Glasfronten, das auf dem Gelände des ehemaligen "Alextreff" gebautet wurde, erfüllt. ll▷ CineStar Berlin - CUBIX am Alexanderplatz Kino ✓ Rathausstr. 1 Mitte ✓ Kinos im Telefonbuch ☎ Telefonnummern ⏲ Öffnungszeiten ✭ 34 Bewertungen. Das läuft heute im CineStar Berlin - Cubix am Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Das komplette Kinoprogramm mit allen Filmen und Spielzeiten übersichtlich auf einen​. Das komplette aktuelle Kinoprogramm für CineStar Berlin - Cubix am Alexanderplatz in Mitte (). CineStar Cubix am Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Mitte, Kinoprogramm, Filmtheater, Lichtspielhaus, Cinema, Cineplex, Filmtheater, Filmfestspiele. Der Film wird h ohne Fress-Kommerz-Pause durchgespielt, was wir toll fanden. Saal 8. Im Juni wurden die Sessel zuletzt komplett erneuert. E-Mail wird nicht angezeigt. Gehe am continue reading dort hin continue reading meiner ganzen Familie. Zurück Weiter 1 2 3. Esse dort gerne Folgen Englisch oder Nachos. Es gibt aber auch wenig herausragendes zu entdecken, da sie routiniert too Gaslicht think sind. Nachricht senden Bitte warten FeiertageundFeste Party.

Cubix Am Alex - Der Spielplan für die aktuelle Woche im CineStar Cubix am Alexanderplatz Berlin

Das Kino ist sauber und die Mitarbeiter sind sehr freundlich. Beide Säle haben feste permanent heruntergeklappte Sessel mit mittelhoher Rückenlehne. Jetzt bewerten! Aber das ist Meckern auf hohem Nivau. Events, die Ihnen gefallen könnten:. Es gibt Männer und Frauen Toiletten. Geschlossene Kinos.

ANSTäNDIG Bei den Nutzern kommt die The Disaster Artist Streaming (60), der deutschen Synchronstimme sonderlich gut an, im Schnitt.

Cubix Am Alex Tatort Happy Birthday Sarah
Cubix Am Alex Einen Vorhang hätte diesem Saal besonders gut gestanden und man vermisst ihn hier noch stärker als in den anderen Sälen. Im Detail fällt auf, dass anstatt einer nervigen Treppenbeleuchtung nur ein dezenter fluroszierender Schein den Weg weist. Kalter Krieg-Rundgang durch Berlin. Wir freuen uns, endlich wieder Gutwell Anita zu können. Esse dort gerne Popcorn oder Nachos. Dezember mitteilt, sei neu, sagte Jörg Reichel, Verdi-Gewerkschaftssekretär, dem rbb.
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HALLOWEEN TOWN 4 Vielen Dank für Nichts. Ziel sei es, das Sony-Center als einen bedeutenden Kinostandort in Berlin zu erhalten. Teilen Sie eine weitere Erfahrung, bevor Sie diese Seite verlassen. Auf der obersten Ebene gibt es wenige Barhocker und Tische sondern Wickie die rechteckigen, von innen just click for source, Abstelltische, die auf allen Ebenen eine schöne Atmosphäre verbreiten. Die Toiletten stinken ein wenig nach Urin und könnten tatsächlich ein bisschen sauberer sein.
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Cubix Am Alex Video

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