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Keeping clipfish in the fridge will give it the longest shelf life. Clipfish can be stored for a maximum of 18 months.

Drying and preserving cod in salt makes it suitable for use in warmer countries where bacteria grows more easily.

Clipfish is also a versatile product — once it has been rehydrated, it can be used in a wide variety of recipes.

Norwegian cod is appreciated and enjoyed around the globe. Learn more about the different types of Norwegian cod and why we take sustainable cod fishing so seriously.

Adding salt to cod is a method that can be traced all the way back to the 15th Century. It's a technique that was developed to preserve fish ahead of long journeys, ensuring that sailors had the nutrition they needed for months at sea.

Find out more. Stockfish is a dried cod product that is source of great national pride here in Norway. This simple product has played an important role in our history.

Skrei is seasonal Norwegian cod as its very best. Find out all about what makes it so good: how it's caught, where to buy it, and how to enjoy it.

Skip to content. Norwegian: Klippfisk Norway is a nation built on the sea and our methods have been passed down through generations. Salted and dried.

Step one: Salting There are a few different ways that fish can be salted — dry salting, brining or pickling.

Step two: Drying Once the fish has been salted, it is put onto pallets and left to dry indoors. The catch is key. My experience with bacalao is unforgettable.

We would wait all week for this day. Norwegian clipfish has deep roots in Dominican gastronomy. This product allows us to innovate and is perfect for both the home cook and professional chefs.

I love using Norwegian clipfish because of its delicate taste and firm texture. It is also endlessly versatile. In addition, dried and salted fish from Norway is perfect in a tropical climate because of its long shelf life.

Madeline Pelaez Dominican Chef. On the menu Clipfish is a staple ingredient for so many cultures around the world.

Step one: Soak Rinse the clipfish in clean, cold water to remove the excess salt, and then place the fish into a bowl to soak.

Step four: Portions In order to make the most of your clipfish, we recommend the following cuts. High in protein, low in fat.

Nutrition facts Nutrition value per g of boneless clipfish, salted and dried Energy kJ 75 kcal Protein 17 g Fat of which - Saturated fat 0.

Vitamins Thiamine 0. How do I know that clipfish from Norway is safe? Is it safe for pregnant women to eat fish and seafood?

What about raw clipfish? Does clipfish contain any preservatives? Only salt. Clipfish doesn't contain any phosphates. How do I store clipfish at home?

Why is clipfish so popular? Salted cod Adding salt to cod is a method that can be traced all the way back to the 15th Century.

Stockfish Stockfish is a dried cod product that is source of great national pride here in Norway.

It is sold whole or in portions, with or without bones. Prior to the collapse of the Grand Banks and other stocks due to overfishing , salt cod was derived exclusively from Atlantic cod.

Since then products sold as salt cod may be derived from other whitefish, such as pollock , haddock , blue whiting , ling and tusk.

In South America, catfish of the genera Pseudoplatystoma are used to produce a salted, dried and frozen product typically sold around Lent.

In Norway, there used to be five different grades of salt cod. The best grade was called superior extra. Then came in descending order superior, imperial, universal and popular.

These appellations are no longer extensively used, although some producers still make the superior products.

The best klippfisk, the superior extra, is made only from line-caught cod. The fish is always of the skrei , the cod that once a year is caught during spawning.

The fish is bled while alive, before the head is cut off. It is then cleaned, filleted and salted. Fishers and connoisseurs alike place a high importance in the fact that the fish is line-caught, because if caught in a net, the fish may be dead before caught, which may result in bruising of the fillets.

For the same reason it is believed to be important that the klippfisk be bled while still alive.

Superior klippfisk is salted fresh, whereas the cheaper grades of klippfisk might be frozen first. Lower grades are salted by injecting a salt-water solution into the fish, while superior grades are salted with dry salt.

The superior extra is dried twice, much like Parma ham. Between the two drying sessions, the fish rests and the flavour matures.

Before it can be eaten, salt cod must be rehydrated and desalinated by soaking in cold water for one to three days, changing the water two to three times a day.

In Europe, the fish is prepared for the table in a wide variety of ways; [5] most commonly with potatoes and onions in a casserole, as croquettes, or as battered, deep-fried pieces.

In France, brandade de morue is a popular baked gratin dish of potatoes mashed with rehydrated salted cod, seasoned with garlic and olive oil.

Some Southern France recipes skip the potatoes altogether and blend the salted cod with seasonings into a paste. In Greece, fried cod is often served with skordalia.

In several islands of the West Indies, it forms the basis of the common dish saltfish. In Jamaica, the national dish is ackee and saltfish.

In Bermuda, it is served with potatoes, avocado, banana and boiled egg in the traditional codfish and potato breakfast. In some regions of Mexico , it is fried with egg batter, then simmered in red sauce and served for Christmas dinner.

In Liverpool , England, prior to the post-war slum clearances , especially around the docks, [7] salt fish was a popular traditional Sunday morning breakfast.

Cod preparation, French fishing station in Cape Rouge, Newfoundland , ca. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cod which has been preserved by drying after salting.

Morue for sale at a Nice market. Bacalao for sale at a market in Valencia. Food portal. New York: W.

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